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Dirty Electricity

Electricity is an unquestioned necessity for the functioning of our modern society. But, this modern need has an aged and fragile foundation. The power grid is what facilitates the world’s electrical requirements and in many parts of the United States was built as far back as the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. Being a system built during a time when the population was smaller and technological needs were less demanding, the grid does not function as ideally as might be expected in the present day.

Dirty electricity is a term used to describe electrical interference caused by having too many high powered electronic devices plugged into the electric grid at once. Given the power grid is old and cannot fully handle the excess usage caused by a growing population, whenever there is a surplus of power usage on the grid, and electrical interference occurs, all of the static, unnecessary, dirty electricity is sent into the ground. AC to DC transformers also create excess electricity. When the system becomes totally overloaded, this is when hazardous electrical surges and power outages occur.

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