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Safe earth connection
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No Dirty Electricity while Grounding


Best of show grand champion in Regional and state levels
Invited to and participated in Engineering design EXPO
Invited to u.s. nationals competition
Patent Pending

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Featuring the easy to use patent pending Human Surge Protector and accessories

About the HSP

The HSP is a patent pending earthing adapter that offers consumers a way to ground themselves indoors, safely. Protected from dirty electricity in the ground circuitry of buildings, people can use their existing grounding products, but with the Human Surge Protector, feel confident in their security. In a world filled with electricity and technology, our bodies are experiencing nervous system electrical interference. This issue is proven to contribute to the various health problems that society is experiencing today. Indoor grounding methods have become popular as a convenient way to give the body a neutral reference point for electrical balance and stability. These methods were proven unsafe due to the users exposure to dirty electricity coming from the ground circuitry indoors…until the Human Surge Protector arrived.

Standard Indoor Grounding Products

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